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•    Your own wetsuit

•    Swimming trunks/swim suit

•    Spare swim cap (we will provide you with an Open water swim cap)

•    Goggles

•    Towel

•    Warm clothing (inc. woolly hat)

•    Footwear (either sea shoes or flip flops to go to and from the sea)

•    Rucksack/swim bag

•    Vaseline (to avoid chaffing)

•    Ear plugs

Swim Ability.

Open water swim camps are aimed at improving and enjoying open water swimming. These camps have been designed based on different levels of abilities, please ensure you check your ability level before booking a camp.

Open Water Swimming Ability Measure:


You have only just started, or not even tried open water swimming.

You are able to swim 1km in the pool.


You are able to swim at least 1.5km – pool and open water, preferably 3k.


As intermediate plus, you are a confident open water swimmer being able to swim at least 3km in open water, and are looking to improve technique and enhance your training. These camps are aimed at open water swimmers, triathletes and iron man participants.

If you are unsure on which ability level you come under, please contact us with regards to the course you are interested in.

Age restrictions.

You must be 18 years or over to attend an open water swim camp.

Yes, but you don’t need to have swum in the open water before. Swimming open water requires a certain level of fitness. Please ensure you are a proficient swimmer and are fit enough to take part.

Please advise at the time of booking if you have any health concerns or if you suffer from asthma, diabetes etc.

We always provide hot drinks/water and snacks after sea swims. The snacks include fruit and snack bars.
Your full itinerary will be sent to you by email once we have received your booking confirmation and payment. You will be expected to take part in the whole training course. It has been created to be beneficial as well as enjoyable. If for any reason you do not wish to take part in a certain aspect of the course we would need to be notified at your earliest convenience. The course price is fixed, so we are not able to offer any refund for any part of the schedule that you wish not to take part in.

In the event you need to cancel your booking with us you must write to us to advise that you wish to cancel your booking immediately, so that we can take the best action required. Cancellation charges do apply and are detailed below:

a. Cancellation advised 56 days or more before camp start date

•    You will receive a full refund.

b. Cancellation advised 55 days or under before camp start date

Charges will apply for any cancellations or amendments made to your booking within this time.

Depending on the time given, we may not be able to offer any refund

If you are able to find a replacement for your booking, we can offer a refund once payment has been received in full from the new attendee, less admin charges (to be arranged).

Please see below for a link to our accommodation partners in Galway whom we recommend.

Gort na Coiribe Holiday Village.

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